Join us in building sustainable solutions with measurable impact in communities across Kenya.

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Mtaani media seeks to create awareness on the UN SDGs by engaging everyday citizens on the 17 global goals.

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Our programs are curated to address climate action and quality education in institutions of higher learning.

Baraza Mtaani

This are in-person sessions that bring together community members & leaders for development conversations.

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Mtaani gives a perfect opportunity for businesses, institutions and individuals to participate in community-first programs with measurable impact across Kenya.


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Join Kenya’s first inclusive sustainability community championing the adaptation of sustainable practices. Leave no one behind.

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Sustainability as a concept is not a walk in the park for everyone. Talk to us about where you are and where you’d like to be & we’ll help you map out your path.

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Ways Sustainability Can Be Adapted

Leave No One Behind

Your sustainability journey starts with one single step. Identifying the need and taking the necessary action. Join our community of other sustainability champions.

Becoming An Industry Leader Sustainability Champion

Our Tools & Resources Will Take You Steps Ahead In Your Journey.

Mtaani Research

Tap into Mtaani research to better understand the needs and wants of your ideal clientele when looking to launch sustainable products in the Kenyan market. This will help you better position your value proposition.

Mtaani Activations

With a product ready for the market, our team will help you market it to the right audience. We run targeted activations that will give you measurable results. Our feedback loop will also help you make necessary changes.

Mtaani Campaigns

Get the amazing work you are doing towards sustainability and SDGs echoed via inclusive campaigns that are easily understood by the everyday Kenya. This seeks to get more people involved in the conversation and participation of sustainability realization.

Mtaani Consulting

Get to understand how your hustle can be transformed into a sustainable business. Mtaani consulting helps existing and new business embedded sustainability in their value chain so that to give more value to the clientele. Its available for businesses & consultants.


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To have a greater impact, we invite individuals and businesses to partner with us in realizing the bigger global sustainability goals through strategic partnerships.
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Sustainable Community-first programs with measurable impact

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